Make The Most of a Small Apartment

Make The Most of a Small Apartment

Generally there is a stigma attached to small apartments and people feel ashamed about owning them and would rather not live in them. But they definitely have their upsides! If you live in a smaller apartment then the chances are that your rent will be considerably lower, allowing you to spend money on things that count and decorating the place. You also have a coziness that is hard to replicate in larger, open homes.

A smaller apartment can be a very stylish and inviting place…if you know how to decorate and furnish it properly. A lot is said about the necessity of ensuring furniture and styles are functional in small apartments, but if you design your apartment correctly then you should never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Do your research before decorating a small apartment and look to existing designs and examples that you would like to replicate to help find the balance between functionality and style. You might have to do a bit of rummaging around shops to find the bits and pieces that are both functional but also represent your personal tastes but it is well worth doing so in the long run.

To get you on your way here is some advice on how to get the most out of your limited space.

Define Areas
Small apartments can suffer from clutter if you do not carefully think about how you are going to distribute space. Try your hardest to separate areas and keep things where they belong and this will help keep mess to a minimum. The last thing you want is to have your wardrobe spilling out into your livingroom area. If you have a hobby or interest that takes up space don’t be afraid to show it off and incorporate it into your home. A hanging bike rack is the perfect example of this.

Multi Function Furniture
Okay so we had to mention it…every bit of space counts when you have a smaller home and therefore furniture that can serve more than one purpose is a great space saver. Invest in pieces of furniture that will benefit you rather than you having to work around them. A bedroom is one of the best places to introduce these pieces of furniture and more and more we are seeing the development of interesting design and storage solutions for beds. One of particular note is a hanging bed that can be raised and lowered when required.

Make The Most of Unused Space
If you are limited on time then the chances are you have left the majority of furnishings in your apartment like you found them when you moved in. try to look at your home with a fresh set of eyes and see if there are any wasted corners or areas of a room that can be utilised. Identifying these dead spaces, such as those under your bed and using them for storage can be a great way of creating more space and less clutter.

Go Vertical
If you are short on ground space then invest in storage that is taller rather than wider. This will open up floor space and also make the ceilings appear taller too.