How To Choose A Coffee table

How To Choose A Coffee table

You might not believe it but a coffee table is an integral piece in the living room setup. Those of you who have moved into a home and it either hasn’t already been furnished with a coffee table or you are yet to buy one, will probably have resorted to using your sofa’s arm as a coffee rest and this definitely isn’t the right way to be thinking. A coffee table isn’t merely a functional object but it is also an opportunity to add a personal touch of style to a room, whether you opt for a minimalist and stylish glass-topped model or a battered and worn vintage one.

As ever there is a lot more to take into consideration than you might expect when buying a coffee table. Fortunately we have outlines them all to make your life that little bit easier!

Understand Your Space
There is no point getting a coffee table that is either too big or too small for your living room, regardless of how much you might like a particular design. In general a coffee table should be around 18 inches away from your sofa for optimal reaching distance. This makes it close enough for you to place something on it and far enough that your legs have space. Consider the size of your room and perhaps cut a cardboard shape out to see what a specific sized coffee table would look like in your room.

Leave Space
Whilst you want to leave adequate space between the sofa and coffee table, you should also make sure there is enough space between the coffee table and the rest of the room. You do not want a table that restricts a frequently travelled route, whether it is to the other side of the room or to the television.

Know Heights
Another consideration that a lot of people don’t take into account is the height of their coffee table. What you need to consider is the height of your sofa, if you have a particularly high sofa then there is no use getting a low coffee table, not only will it be impractical but it will also make the proportions of your room look odd. If you use a coffee table a lot then consider going a bit taller than the regular 16 to 18 inches as this means you won’t be bending over as much every time you use it.

Be Aware of Styles
A coffee table should compliment your existing style, namely that of your sofa. This doesn’t mean that they have to be identical styles, rather just think of what will look good when placed next to each other. There are plenty of coffee tables designs available, from glass to metal to give you options.

Go For Glass
A glass table is becoming a more popular choice for coffee tables. It can also be a great storage solution, as well as one that shows off things. Consider investing in one that allows you to stack books beneath it to show off a bit of your collection as well as keeping it out the way.